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8 Note Hand Bells
This is a great set of hand bells that can be used in all types of shows. They are well made but economical, these where specifically made for school music classes.
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16 ft Production Streamer
16 Foot Production Streamer- Just like the bigger one only smaller. This streamer is 2” wide and made for being produced from smaller places.
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20 ft Production Streamer
This a great looking multi-color silk that is 4” wide and 20 feet long. You could produce this from a change bag, production cylinder and more.
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Bewildering Silk
This is fun comedy magic! You show three silks tied together. You tell the audience the silks will change places. Place the silks into a bag and take them out in a different order than you put them in. Then, you place the silks back into the bag and now the middle scarf has changed places with the one on the end. It is completely self-working and resets immediately.
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Break Away Wand
It looks like a magicians wand but when you hand it to a kid it collapses and then get ready for the laughs.
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You have a 2” solid brass ring and a 3’ key chain. There’s nothing gimmicked about this. You thread the ring onto the key chain and when you drop the ring it’s linked to the chain. This looks like real magic. The photos with instructions show you just how to do it. Once you’ve done it, you’ll want to have this one with you at all times.
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Change Bag-Mini
This is just like the regular change bag except it is smaller and has no zipper. You can actually put cute little change bag in your pocket.
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Change Bag-Zippered
This is an item every performer should have. Kids will recognize immediately the “magic bag”. Ickle Pickle makes these bags so you know they are of great construction. Nice sharp colors with a sturdy zipper.
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Circus Story Bag
This is super for early childhood ages. The story line for this item is that you are going to the circus. You show a bag that has a circus print on it. You turn the bag inside out and it now looks like the front of a circus tent, you turn it inside out again and it has turned into an elephant with legs, trunk and a tail. Pricilla makes this item exclusively for me, so you know it is well made. This is self working with full instructions.
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Crazy Crayons
This is an item that we created to go along with the Magic Color Book. You show a box of crayons and they are all different colors and then suddenly the colors turn completely white instantly. Then suddenly they have turned back to their original colors. This is self working and nicely constructed.
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Found 52 items, showing 1 to 10.    Next 10 Matches
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